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Access Conditions

One of the typologies in which TEC4SEA makes its services available to the external communities, is the supervised access to its equipment and material or logistical resources. This allows the external communities to use TEC4SEA’s assets and resources, thus complementing their own in the prosecution of their desired objectives. This access tipology is tipically adequate to the actions of support to the external scientific community, given that it implies that the recipiente must have enough knowledge and skiill levels to operate such equipment or resources, at levels basically matching those of TEC4SEA. The access to TEC4SEA’s resources and equipment is always supervised.

Training Programs

Advanced technical training can be provided in some of TEC4SEA’s scientific/technical areas. This possibility is not present in all the offered services. The specification of each offered services details the typologies in which that particular service can be offered and, therefore, if advanced training is or is not possible in each particular case.