The TEC4SEA infrastructure can provide several types of services, each one of which can be offered in one or more of the following modes:

 Turnkey: The service will be provided as specified, without requiring the client’s intervention in its execution.

 Support: The client wants to be part of a cooperative process of product development, leveraging the support—both material and in know-how­—of TEC4SEA.

 Access: The client has the necessary know-how, and only requires supervised access to TEC4SEA’s assets and equipment.

 Training: The client wants to obtain specialized training in the area.

The modes in which each one of the offered services can be provided can be found in the service description.

Design, development and test of autonomous vehicles

Customized design, development and test of surface and subsurface vehicles—autonomous or remotely controlled…

Access to sea and deep sea

Provision of access to the maritime environment and logistic support for missions at sea for development and testing…

Marine equipment deployment and recovery

Marine equipment deployment and recovery at depths up to 1000 meters. The TEC4SEA’s own vessels can support…

Hyperbaric chamber pressure tests

Verification of the structural resistance, water tightness, and capability of continued operation of equipment…

Adaptation of equipment to maritime environments

Adaptation of pre/existing equipment to above-water or underwater maritime environments.

Design, implementation, test and validation of control systems

Design, implementation, test and validation of multiparameter control systems, according to the client’s specifications …

Sensorial fusion systems

Design, implementation, test and validation of complex and heterogeneous systems based on sensorial fusion …

Water column parameters collection

Automatic collection of water column parameters such as salinity, temperature, pressure and turbidity.

Positioning and navigation system design

Design and implementation of positioning and navigation systems for underwater, surface, or aerial vehicles …

Design and implementation of underwater acoustic systems

Design and implementation of novel underwater acoustic systems, according to the client specifications.

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