The TEC4SEA infrastructure can provide several types of services, each one of which can be offered in one or more of the following modes:

Turnkey: The service will be provided as specified, without requiring the client’s intervention in its execution.

Support: The client wants to be part of a cooperative process of product development, leveraging the support—both material and in know-how­—of TEC4SEA.

Access : The client has the necessary know-how, and only requires supervised access to TEC4SEA’s assets and equipment.

Training: The client wants to obtain specialized training in the area.

The modes in which each one of the offered services can be provided can be found in the service description.

Wire bonding

Wire bonding, supprting the following methods: Wedge-Wedge, Ball-Wedge, Ribbon- and Bump-bonding.

Design of antennas and microwave devices

CAD design of antennas and microwave devices, supported by 3D electromagnetic field simulation.

Anechoic chamber measurements

Anechoic chamber analysis and characterization of emissions in the 500 MHz – 43.5 GHz and 75 GHz – 110 GHz bands. In…

Maritime communication network design

Tailored design of network communications solutions for maritime environments, customized to the …

Network performance analysis

Simulation-based analysis and fair comparison of networking solutions, with context and environment replication.

Optical characterization of materials and devices

Optical characterization of materials and devices through:         – Non-invasive mapping of the 3D microstructure of  …

Optical sensor design and characterizations

Design and characterization of optical sensors: dimensioning and implementation of fast prototypes integrating …

Optical system and sensors simulation

Optical system and sensors simulation: system simulation via software (Zeemax / Comsol).

Optical fiber Bragg gratings/long period production

Production of long period/Bragg gratings with optical fibers: Production of long period/Bragg gratings by point …

Fabrication of optical devices

Fabrication of optical devices: nanofibres and metallic nanowires up to 300 nm. Fabrication of couplers or …

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